Editorial Work: Narratively

Work done sourcing pitches and editing stories for award-winning longform story platform Narratively, as Guest Editor, then Contributing Editor. Story: Confessions of the Only Woman on a Rock Star Tour Bus Author: Melanie J. Rock Publication Date: 4.15.19 “One roadie’s guide to surviving nomadic life in the hardest-partying business on earth.” Story: Confessions of a…

On Journalism

Compendium of articles written for HackPack.Press on the subject of journalism; trends, resources, tools, interviews and analysis.

There are 196 Sides to Every Story

“My generation was largely unemployed. We were pursuing extra degrees we couldn’t really afford or retreating to alcohol or drugs to numb the reality that the ‘careers’ section of the paper was blank. Our scant networks offered no opportunities, and endless resumes didn’t solicit so much as a rejection e-mail.” Read more at WorldPulse.

Brexit results underscore need for more balanced, vigilant journalism

“As journalists, it is easy to color our work with our views when swept up in the fury of crisis or turmoil. We often feel strongly about the issues we’re reporting, and can feel we’re performing a public service by writing what we believe is true, whether it’s that immigrants are leading to economic collapse…