Editorial Work: Narratively

Work done sourcing pitches and editing stories for award-winning longform story platform Narratively, as Guest Editor, then Contributing Editor. Stories have been republished by outlets like The Guardian and Longreads.

Story: The Teenage King’s Historically Bad Sex Education
Author: Carissa Harris
Publication date: 08.12.21

“As James V came of age, his evil ex-stepfather and a counsel of unscrupulous gatekeepers hatched a scheme to keep him from power: distract him with an ungodly amount of intercourse.”

Story: The Bank Robbers Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight (Or Do Anything Right, Really)
Author: Paul Brown
Publication date: 07.01.21

“When the Duffy Brothers were deported from the U.S, they hatched a plan to bring Bonnie-and-Clyde-style armed robbery across the pond. Their plan had more holes than a bullet-riddled safe.”

Story: The Killer Doctor, the Swirling Fire, and the World’s Most Haunted Building
Author: Ana Franco
Publication date: 03.04.21

“This block in Brazil has been home to one of the deadliest skyscraper disasters in history, a doctor with a murderous secret, and—some say—a curse that goes back centuries.”

Story: Snowed in with a Ghost
Author: Krista Diamond
Publication date: 10.29.20

“I moved into a haunted building in a ritzy resort town and sank into a terrifying depression. I never dreamed the thing that saved me would be the woman who died in my apartment.”

Story: The Secret Sisterhood of Offshore Oil Workers
Author: Mia Armstrong
Publication date: 10.08.20

“Living on a remote oil platform 60 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico is no easy assignment. Now imagine being one of the first women to ever step on board.”

Story: The Quarantined Hippies Trapped in a Jungle Paradise
Author: Alden Wicker
Publication date: 06.18.20

“When COVID flared in Panama, 20 travelers from 18 countries holed up in this eco-village and shut the gates. Things in the outside world got worse, and now they might never leave.”

Story: Unmasking the Spiritual Scammers of Paris
Author: Alice Fiennes
Publication date: 2.27.20

“Legions of phony psychics have twisted an ancient West African tradition into a billion-dollar business that cons desperate and lovelorn people. One band of volunteers is determined to stop them.”

Story: Secret Life of a Broke Personal Finance Guru
Author: Brianna Bell
Publication date: 01.06.20

“Our family was featured in a national newspaper as the picture of fiscal responsibility. A few months later we were drowning in debt, and I realized we were looking at everything dead wrong.”

Story: The Diver Who Brings Up the Bodies
Author: Sunaina Kumar
Publication date: 10.3.19

“So many Indian farmers are killing themselves that bodies pile up at the end of one long canal. Gurbaksh Singh helps their families find closure.”

Story: Confessions of a Misfit on the Dog Show Circuit
Author: Sassafrass Lowrey
Publication Date: 8.12.19

“Being a young, tattooed queer person in this hoity-toity world hasn’t always been easy. But I’ve found a way to follow my passion while letting my freak flag fly.”

Story: The Curse of Playing the Wicked Witch of the West
Author: Veronika Bondarenko
Publication Date: 8.22.19

“After nearly dying while filming ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Margaret Hamilton spent the rest of her career trying to escape her evil character’s long shadow.”

Story: Confessions of the Only Woman on a Rock Star Tour Bus
Author: Melanie J. Rock
Publication Date: 4.15.19

“One roadie’s guide to surviving nomadic life in the hardest-partying business on earth.”

Story: Confessions of a Cam Girl in an Age of Loneliness
Author: Aria Wyn (Pseudonym)
Publication Date: 4.29.19

“Every night I sit in my room and live-stream my boring life. I don’t take my clothes off. I don’t dance. Yet people show up and pay me anyway.”

Story: How I Brought My Nose Back to Life
Author: Stephanie Feuer
Publication Date: 2.11.19

“When you lose your sense of smell, everything from coffee to sex is just not as much fun. After a year of suffering, a rigorous regimen of smell training brought it back.”

Featured photo by Photo by Laurianne Huggins on Unsplash.

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