On Journalism

What A Year.

“Anyone who works full-time in journalism knows this job isn’t easy. We face constant criticism, tight deadlines, tidal waves of information and we run on big coffees and small paycheques. Nonetheless, we here at HackPack can say that it has been entirely worth it.”

How To Sell Your Location

“As foreign journalists, we can sometimes see our locations as a liability. However, being outside of New York, London or Paris is increasingly important as media outlets try to understand the globalized world (without breaking the bank). Four journalists share how they use their international locations as an advantage in their freelance careers.”

How To Pitch: HackPack Edition

“As a journalist, it can be hard enough to get someone else to listen to the story you’re working on. It turns into a science when that someone can only be reached through an inbox, has a dozen other suggestions a day, and has most likely never met you in person.”

Why Journalists Shouldn’t Be Scared of Code

“It’s an obligatory struggle. There’s no way to get around the first few months learning a new skill, when you feel like you’re struggling to make one simple command do what you want, while it looks like others are coding the computational equivalent of Shakespeare.”

5 Things Journalists Are Sick of Hearing

“If you’ve been working in the field, you’ve probably heard these more times than you can count. If you’re just getting into it, here’s a survival guide.”

How Not To Network

“We spend hours honing our craft; trashing and rewording our pieces, practice shoot after practice shoot, editing film down to the microsecond. But there is one crucial skill that we neglect to perfect which can make — or break — a career.”

Should Journalists Consider Personal Essays?

“The personal essay has become an industry darling. With its combination of relevance, ease and popular demand, writers may start considering their personal lives as fair game for pieces— but should journalists turn to the personal essay?”

Surviving Freelancing: Tips From Industry Veterans

“Whether you’re working from your living room, from a co-working space in the city, or a digital nomad struggling to find wifi in cafes or hotels, freelancing comes with its own set of challenges. The perks are obvious: setting your own schedule, picking your own projects and the privilege of getting to write for a living. The drawbacks, however, are just as real: the potential loneliness of working on your own, the insecurity of not having steady work and the frustration of having to write for a living. HackPack canvassed freelancers to ask how they survive a freelancing career.”



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  1. Ellen Seiter says:

    Thank you for the Jstor Daily article!


    1. So glad you liked it!


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